Atalis Concept - Software analysis and diagnostics company - method SWOT
Atalis Concept - Software analysis and diagnostics company - method SWOT
atalis concept, Software analysis and diagnostics business - SWOT method. Evaluate the risks and danger of business
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Atalis concept
Atalis Concept

Atalis Concept

Analyze its business swot environment for decision support.

Software that guides you swot

• easy to swot use and intuitive
• establishment swot of early diagnosis
• automation of records consulting firms
• display business analysis rapid risk
• annotation swot possible
• detailed aids to business consultant assist you
• accessible business consultant to all

A "strategy" effective consulting firms

The method (SWOT) used business analysis in Atals Concept allows to analyze the external environment and business consultant internal project.
• the external consulting firms environment:
    distinct opportunities and threats business consultant for the project.
• the internal business analysis environment:
    there are strengths and business consultant weaknesses that the company forward business analysis with
    the project.

This analysis helps to identify strategies swot to achieve the desired goals, and to take them into consulting firms account to successfully innovate and be better than business consultant your competitors.


Price business analysis : 49 € HT
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